Lumbini Sahayatra Muddhati khata

12 Months

Lumbini Sahayatra Muddhati khata

12 Months

“Lumbini Sahayatra Muddhati Khata” is a fixed nature product which primarily targets to individual depositors. This product has been designed to encourage individuals to deposit money on a high interest paying account. This helps bank to enhance individual deposit by offering attractive interest rate in a fixed deposit account.


  • All individuals



Account holders of Lumbini Sahayatra Muddhati Khata will be benefited by Medical Insurance and Accidental Insurance along with other banking facilities. Medical Insurance covers hospitalization charges of account holder only within the limit. Similarly, accidental insurance covers insurance of account holder’s accidental Death & Permanent disablement only. The details are as follows:

  • Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance Limit Details                           Remarks
S.No.Deposit (Fixed Deposit)  Medical Insurance Limit


    Medical Insurance covers insurance for Hospitalization only of account holder as per limit.

11 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs      50,000/-
2Above 5 Lakhs        100,000/-
  • Accidental Insurance

Accidental Insurance Limit DetailsRemarks
S.No.Deposit (Fixed Deposit)Accidental Insurance Limit


Accidental Insurance covers insurance of account holder only as per limit.

11 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs500,000/-
2Above 5 Lakhs  1,000,000/-

Features :

  • Free ABBS Facility for nominee account
  • Free On-Demand Account Statement for nominee account
  • Free Cheque Book for nominee account
  • Free Mobile Banking Facility for nominee account
  • Free issuance of VISA Debit Card for nominee account.
  • 50% discount in locker facility charge of Nominee Account.

Required Documents :

  • Account opening form along with KYC.
  • Other legal documents- Citizenship Certificate, self-declaration from customer stating not having any other saving account, 2 pieces of passport size photographs
  • As per Operation Manual/KYC& AML Policy/ NRB Directives.