Get Auto loan of up to Rs.8,000,000.00 at attractive rates starting at 9.67% p.a. with flexible tenures of up to 10 years. The processing fee varies between 0% and 0.75% of the loan amount.

Everest Bank Ltd. Loan Details


Everest Bank Ltd.

Interest Rate

+ up to 7% p.a. over base rate

Loan Tenure

Up to 10 years

Loan Amount

Up to Rs.8,000,000.00

Processing Fee

0% - 0.75% of the loan amount

Everest Bank Ltd.

+ up to 7% p.a. over base rate
Interest Rate
Up to 10 years
Loan Tenure

Up to Rs.8000000

Everest Bank provides loan to purchase car / van / jeep/ Multi Utility Vehicles/ Sports Utility Vehicle (non-commercial purpose only) for individual and business concerns.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Gross monthly income (Self employed/Business/Salaried & Other income) of borrower along with that of spouse/other family members should be at least double of monthly installment of the loan.


 Upto 7 YearsUpto 10 yearsAbove 10 years 
Vehicle Loan11.02%12.02%BR+2.50% to BR+5.00%
  • For individuals: 30 times of Net Monthly income or loan amount whichever is lower
  • For business concerns: Need Based

Natural Person (for personal purpose)- not less than 50% of purchase price of vehicle

Electric Vehicle (for personal purpose)- not less than 20%(subject to NRB stipulation)

Registration of the vehicle in the name of the bank

Acceptable Collateral security

Personal guarantee of person(s) acceptable to the Bank shall be obtained.


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