Get Home loan of up to Rs.50,000,000.00 at attractive rates starting at 10.11% p.a. with flexible tenures of up to 40 years. The processing fee varies between 0% and 1% of the loan amount.

Sunrise Bank Loan Details


Sunrise Bank


Interest Rate

+ up to 6% p.a. over base rate

Loan Tenure

Up to 40 years

Loan Amount

Up to Rs.50,000,000.00

Processing Fee

0% - 1% of the loan amount

Sunrise Bank

+ up to 6% p.a. over base rate
Interest Rate
Up to 40 years
Loan Tenure

Up to Rs.50000000

Sunrise Bank Limited provides home loan that helps you achieve your lifetime dream of owning a home at a competitive interest and flexible tenure. We provide : Sunrise Ghar Karja-Purchase - For outright purchase of land/land & building/ flat/ apartments. Sunrise Ghar Karja- Construction - For construction of building in the land you already own. Sunrise Ghar Karja- Extension - For any type of modification/extension or renovation in your existing home. Sunrise Ghar Karja- Home Equity Loan - For refinancing your existing land & building.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nepalese citizen of at least 22 years of age.
  • Monthly disposable Income (net saving after all expenses before EMI) should be greater or equal to 1.5 times of EMI.


  • Photograph (2 copies each)
  • Identification document like Citizenship, Passport
  • Duly filled loan application form
  • Salary Certificate
  • Other document demanded by the banks.


  • Equated Monthly Installment  (EMI).
  • Up to 60% of Fair Market value of the property.
  • Maximum upto 100% of estimated cost of additions/extension/modification.
  • highly competitive interest rate.

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