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How our comparison features works?

Step 1: Click on the comparison feature. 

Step 2: Choose the banks you wish to compare.

Step 3: Select the product you want to compare.

Step 4: Choose the options by which you want to conduct the comparison.

Step 5: Click on the "Compare" button.

Step 6: Receive a detailed list for analysis and decision-making.

Why to compare various options before applying.

Comparing various options of loans, deposits, credit cards of banks before applying is crucial for several reasons:

  • Interest Rates and Terms: Different financial institutions offer varying interest rates and terms for their products. By comparing, you can identify the most favorable rates and terms that align with your financial goals and capabilities.
  • Fees and Charges: Banks may have different fee structures for loans, deposits, and credit cards. Comparison helps you understand and choose options with lower fees, saving you money in the long run.
  • Hidden Terms and Conditions: Carefully reviewing and comparing helps uncover any hidden terms and conditions that may affect your financial commitment. This ensures transparency and prevents any surprises down the line.
  • Features and benefits: Banks offer different features and benefits with their products. By comparing these, you can identify additional perks such as rewards programs, discounts on auxiliary services, or insurance coverage that may enhance the overall value of the financial product.
  • Overall Cost: The overall cost of a loan or credit card includes not just the interest rate but also fees and other charges. By comparing, you can evaluate the total cost of different options and choose the one that is most cost-effective for your needs.
  • Aligning with Financial Goals: Comparing allows you to align your choice with your overall financial goals. Whether you're focused on saving, earning rewards, or minimizing debt, choosing the right financial product helps you achieve these objectives.

Comparing various options provides a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape, enabling you to make informed decisions that suit your individual needs, preferences, and financial goals.

Products and services you can compare

With the Saral Banking Sewa(SBS) comparison feature, you can easily compare a variety of financial products and services, including:

1. Deposits

  • Normal Savings Account
  • Women Savings Account
  • Remittance Savings Account
  • Children Savings Account
  • Senior Citizen’s Savings Account
  • Special Savings Account
  • General Fixed Deposit
  • Remittance Fixed Deposit
  • Recurring Deposits

2. Loans

  • Personal Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Education Loans

3. Credit Cards

The comparison feature allows you to evaluate key parameters such as interest rates, terms and conditions, fees, and benefits associated with each product. Whether you are looking to borrow money, save for the future, or find the most suitable credit card for your needs, the SBS comparison feature simplifies the decision-making process by providing a comprehensive overview of the available options.