Children Saving

Children saving account is a special saving product designed for parents wishing to open their children’s (Minor) accounts who are aged below 18 Years. This product is designed to encourage saving habits among parents for the future assistance of their children providing them with the benefits of banking services View More

Best Rates for Shrawan

S.N. Bank Name Product Interest Rate
1 OrangeNxt (Powered by Laxmi Sunrise Bank Ltd.) Kids Saving 5.05%
2 Nepal Bank Limited Balbalika Bachat Khata 4.2%
4 Standard Chartered Bank Kiddy Bank Account 3.25%
5 Kumari Bank Limited Twinkle Star Savings 3.16%

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Siddhartha Bal Bachat Khata

Minimum Balance

Rs. 0

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Global Balbalika Bachat

Minimum Balance

Rs. 100

Interest Rate



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Baal Bachat Account

Minimum Balance

Rs. 5,000

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Common Features and benefits of Children Saving Account

  • Issuance and Renewal Charge of Debit Card.
  • Free Internet/ SMS Banking
  • Mobile Banking Facility
  • Statement on Demand
  • Any Branch Banking Service
  • Cheque Book Facility

Eligibility Criteria

  • Children under the age of 18 are only eligible.

Required Documents 

  • Duly filled account opening form
  • Birth Certificate or any other valid identification card issued by Nepal Govt.
  • Valid identification card issued by Nepal Govt. for the guardian.
  • Two recent PP size photographs of both child and guardian.
  • Address verifying documents (like Electricity bill, Khanepani pani bill)


A children's savings account is a specially designed bank account intended for minors, typically those under the age of 18. It serves as a platform for parents or guardians to save money for their child's future needs or to teach the child about financial responsibility.

Yes, parents or legal guardians are typically the ones who open and manage children's savings accounts on behalf of the minor. They have control over the account until the child reaches a specified age, at which point the child may gain control or ownership.

The level of independence a child has with their savings account depends on the bank's policies. In many cases, parental or guardian supervision is required until the child reaches a certain age, at which point they may gain more control over the account.

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