Remittance Saving

A remittance savings account is a special savings account for Nepalese individuals working abroad and their family members. This ensures remittance comes through the direct banking channel of the savings account that offers individuals under foreign employment status with 1% additional interest rate on deposit funds received from foreign employment View More

Best Rates for Ashad

S.N. Bank Name Product Interest Rate
1 NMB Bank NMB Janmabhumi Bachat Khata 7%
2 Nepal Bank Limited Remittance Saving Account 6.75%
3 NIC Asia Sarbashrestha Remittance Bachat Khata-General 6.65%
5 Machhapuchhre Bank Limited MBL Karmashil Bachat Khata 6.5%

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Siddhartha Remit Account

Minimum Balance

Rs. 0

Interest Rate



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SBL Premium Remit Saving Account

Minimum Balance

Rs. 500

Interest Rate



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Global Sahayatri Remittance Bachat Khata

Minimum Balance

Rs. 0

Interest Rate



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Common Features and benefits of Remittance Saving Account

  • Competitive Interest Rate
  • Account can be opened from abroad also
  • Easy Withdrawal and Deposit
  • Cheque Book Facility
  • Any Branch Banking Service
  • Internet/SMS Banking Service
  • Statement on Demand
  • Mobile Banking Facility

Eligibility Criteria

  • Individual Above 18 years
  • Documents as defined by NRB is required, i.e. Shram Swikriti from Ministry of Labor and remittance inflow transaction of at least NPR 50,000 in the account during the last 6 months for IPO. .

Required Documents 

  • Shram swikriti (श्रम स्वीकृती) scanned copy
  • Copy of Visa/Passport and other valid ID
  • Recent Passport size photograph
  • Scanned copy of the page in your passport where the visa stamp is clearly visible
  • Any other document which verifies that the amount has been received through remittance channels from foreign employment.


A remittance savings account is a special savings account for Nepalese individuals working abroad and their family members. This account provides the convenience of opening accounts, both from within Nepal and abroad. 

  • Personal Identification documents (eg. Citizenship/ Passport)
  • Recent Passport size photo of the account holder
  • Copy of VISA along with passport and work permit

With a remittance savings account, you can receive foreign currency transfers from overseas. The received funds are converted to the local currency and deposited into your account. You can then manage and use these funds for various purposes.

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