Nabil Bank Credit Card Details

2.25 % per month
4 years
45 days

Nabil Bank Credit Card Details

2.25% per month

Purchase your favorite products and services that bring joy easily with Nabil Contactless Visa Domestic credit card and pay later. Enjoy unmatched benefits and privileges with a secured Payment System.

Card Service Fee & Charges

Joining/ Issuance Fee NPR 1,000
Supplementary Card NPR 4,000
Over Limit Fee NPR 500
Late Payment Fee NPR 500
Card Blocking Fee NPR 300
Card Unblock Fee NPR 0
PIN Re-Issue NPR 250
Replacement Card Fee NPR 1,000
ATM – Balance Enquiry(On Bank ATM) NPR 100
ATM – Cash Withdrawal NPR 150
ATM (India) – Cash Withdrawal NPR 200
ATM – Balance Enquiry NPR 100
Subscription NPR 4,000
Limit Enhancement Fee (Temporary) NPR 2,000
Limit Enhancement Fee (Permanent) NPR 1,000
Card Conversion Fee NPR 1,000

  • Wide Acceptance in Nepal, India, and Bhutan.
  • Easy and convenient Online and Offline purchase through Wide VISA Network
  • Secure Chip card with Primary method of PIN verification for ATM & POS.
  • Enhanced Security while shopping online with an on-the-go e-secure Digital security system.
  • Easy Tap & Pay contactless technology that doesn’t require PIN verification for the transaction
  • Flexible Repayment option from 10% to 100%
  • The competitive Interest rate with the Revolving credit cycle Enjoy Easy EMI in your favorite product or service with the NABIL Installment loan facility
  • Real-Time Card Deactivation/Activation & transaction history through Nabil SmartBank.
  • Supplementary Card for immediate Family members
  • Transaction Alerts with instant SMS and email.
  • Validity 4 Years
  • Eco-Friendly Green PIN, Paperless PIN Generation through Nabil ATM

  • Nepali National
  • Minimum age requirement: 21 years
  • Regular Income Source required