Nepal Bank Limited Credit Card Details

2 % per month
3 years
45 days

Nepal Bank Limited Credit Card Details

2% per month

NBL Visa Credit Card provides the service of plastic card with credit facility to the individual customers. This product is one of the value-added services to the customers of Nepal Bank Limited. 

Transaction Limits

Transaction Limits Nepal India
ATM ( Daily ) NPR 50,000 INR 10,000
ATM ( Per Transaction ) NPR 25,000 INR 10,000
POS ( Daily ) NPR 200,000 INR 100,000
POS ( Per Transaction ) NPR 100,000 INR 62,500
Online ( Daily ) NPR 200,000 INR 100,000

Card Service Fee & Charges

Joining/ Issuance Fee NPR 750
Annual Fee NPR 750
Replacement Card Fee NPR 750
PIN Re-Issue NPR 50
Late Payment Fee NPR 300
Over Limit Fee NPR 500
Limit Enhancement Fee NPR 500
ATM – Cash Withdrawal(On Bank ATM) NPR 100
ATM – Balance Enquiry(On Bank ATM) NPR 0
ATM – Cash Withdrawal NPR 200
ATM – Balance Enquiry NPR 20
ATM (India) – Cash Withdrawal NPR 250
ATM (India) – Balance Enquiry NPR 50

  • Valid Only in Nepal, India & Bhutan.
  • Accepted as mode of payment at Visa merchant locations (POS) and Online transactions.
  • Cash Withdrawal from Visa accepting ATMs.
  • Convenient payment option of 10% (or minimum NPR 1,000) to 100% of outstanding amount.
  • Interest free credit period of minimum 15 days to maximum 45 days for purchase transactions.
  • Competitive interest rate @ 2% per month.
  • Credit Card Limit from NPR 20,000 to 5,00,000.
  • Cash Withdrawal Limit as per NRB Directive (which is 10% of Credit Card Limit).

  • Copy of citizenship duly verified with the original.
  • Recent PP size photograph of applicant.
  • Latest Annual Salary Certificate duly issued and certified by the concerned employer for the salaried applicant. (mentioning, employment years, position, terms of employment salary amount etc.)
  • Three months’ bank statement of salary account for salaried applicant.
  • Company registration certificates, PAN, latest tax clearance certificate and latest audited/self-declared financial report for the self-employed businessman.
  • Other Income source documents for any other type of income source (i.e. Valid House rent/Lease agreement, pension etc.)
  • Duly signed debit authority.
  • Duly completed application form.
  • For existing loan customers, the details of credit card shall be recorded in credit file
  • No income certificate required for those who would like to take credit card against lien on Fixed Deposit, Current or Saving Account maintained at Nepal Bank Limited.

  • The initial credit card limit shall be maximum of 1.5 times of monthly income / salary (not more than maximum limit of product).
  • The credit card limit can be enhanced up to two times (not more than maximum limit of product) of monthly income upon the request of the customer, if satisfied from all aspects.
  • The credit card facility shall be preferred to the customers maintaining account with us having satisfactory deposit / credit relationship.