NIC Asia Credit Card Details

2 % per month
5 years
45 days

NIC Asia Credit Card Details

2% per month

NIC ASIA VISA Credit Card is one of the privileged credit facilities offered to you as an esteemed customer. A credit card in Nepal is used to purchase goods and services through POS (Point of Sales) terminals as an alternative mode of cash payment. The visa card is accepted at all POS and ATM terminals bearing the VISA logo within Nepal and India.

Zero Percent Financing Facility

This facility is especially designed for VISA domestic credit card customers which will provide the opportunity to purchase consumable goods/services such as electronic goods, home appliances, furniture and furnishing products, travel and tour packages, gold, and diamond products in comfortable Equated Monthly Installment. 

Key Features:

  • Flexible loan tenure
  • 0% interest rate
  • Financing up to NPR 500,000/-
  • Enhancement of purchasing power

Transaction Limits

Transaction Limits Nepal India
ATM ( Daily ) NPR 100,000 INR 24,000
ATM ( Monthly ) NPR 300,000 INR 160,000
ATM ( Per Transaction ) NPR 25,000 INR 24,000
POS ( Daily ) NPR 200,000 INR 160,000
POS ( Monthly ) NPR 200,000 INR 160,000
POS ( Per Transaction ) NPR 200,000 INR 160,000

  • Credit Card Limit up to 2.5 times of Gross Monthly Income, not exceeding NPR 500,000/-
  • Get desired goods/services in a 0% Interest Installment Plan from specified outlets.
  • The revolving credit limit with a competitive interest rate.
  • Up to 10% cash advance facility in Nepal and India.
  • Special discounts on shopping in specified outlets.
  • Easy pay within 15-45 Days.
  • Supplementary card facility to an undivided family member.
  • 5 years of card validity.
  • Online Shopping (E-Commerce) facility in Nepal and India.
  • Easy Repayment through IPS/ Internet Banking/ eSewa.
  • Free SMS/ E-mail Alert.
  • Flexible repayment options 10%, or 100% of the outstanding amount.