NMB Bank Credit Card Details

2.5 % per month
5 years
45 days

NMB Bank Credit Card Details

2.5% per month

NMB Bank Platinum credit card is a premium credit card that is offered on an invitation basis. It is a premium card with having higher credit limit. The platinum cardholder will be facilitating with 1300 Lounge throughout the world.

Card Service Fee & Charges

Joining/ Issuance Fee NPR 3,500
Supplementary Card NPR 3,500
Joining/ Issuance Fee NPR 3,500
Renew / Re-issue NPR 3,500
Replacement Card Fee NPR 2,000
PIN Re-Issue NPR 500
Late Payment Fee NPR 300
Over Limit Fee NPR 500
Limit Enhancement Fee (Temporary) NPR 500
Limit Enhancement Fee (Permanent) NPR 750
ATM – Cash Withdrawal(On Bank ATM) NPR 100
ATM – Cash Withdrawal NPR 200
ATM (India) – Cash Withdrawal NPR 300
ATM – Balance Enquiry NPR 50

  • The platinum credit card offered on an Invitation basis only
  • Chip-based to secured credit card
  • 3D secure service to facilitate safe online payment
  • Access of Lounge services in more than 1300 airport lounges throughout the world
  • Travel Accidental insurance coverage of NPR 50 Lakhs
  • Higher Credit limit up to 10 Lakhs
  • Flexible payment option between 10% to 100%
  • Cash advance facility of 10% of the credit card limit
  • Supplementary card facility
  • Acceptance in all Visa ATM and POS terminals in Nepal and India
  • 15-45 days credit facility