Siddhartha Bank Credit Card Details

2 % per month
3 years
45 days

Siddhartha Bank Credit Card Details

2% per month

Siddhartha Uno Credit Card is a co-branded card with combined features of Siddhartha Visa Credit Card and Uno Discount Card. With this card, cardholder can enjoy discounts upto to 40% while making payment using the Card to Uno Partner Merchants which comprises a diverse base of more than 450 retail outlets including clothing, restaurant, hotels, hospitals, etc to name a few.

How to get the Card

  • For new customers, visit any Siddhartha Bank branch nearby and fill up the application form or apply online by using online portal.
  • For existing credit card holders, submit a letter of request for upgrade along with a payment of NPR 250, at any Siddhartha Bank branch nearby you.


Card Service Fee & Charges

Joining/ Issuance Fee NPR 1,750
Annual Fee NPR 1,000

  • Discounts from 10 % to 40 % in partner merchant outlets of Uno.
  • Cash withdrawal facility up to 10% of sanctioned limit.
  • Interest-free credit facility for 15 to 45 days.
  • Convenient and safe.
  • Valid in Nepal, Bhutan and India