Get Home loan of up to Rs.50,000,000.00 at attractive rates starting at 9.81% p.a. with flexible tenures of up to 35 years.

NMB Bank Loan Details

+ up to 5%
Up to 0.75% One time fee
Up to Rs.50,000,000.00
Up to 35 Years

NMB Bank Loan Details

+ up to 5%
Up to 0.75% One time fee
Up to Rs.50,000,000.00
Up to 35 Years

NMB Bank Offers Home loan for purchase, construction, extension and renovation of your home. NMB bank’s Home Loan schemes are for both salaried and self-employed individuals.

Eligibility Criteria 

Age25-65 years
  • Salaried Individuals
  • Remittance Income Holder
  • Self-employed professionals
  • Businessmen
Nationality Nepali


Features of NMB Bank Home loan

Types of Property Funded

  • Purchase of land and building
  • Construction of residential building
  • Home Extension and Renovation
  • Plot purchase

Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio

Inside/Outside ValleyLTV Ratio
Inside Kathmandu ValleyUp to 50% of FMV
Outside of Kathmandu ValleyUp to 60% of FMV


*Up to 80% of construction cost in case of home construction.

Along with the Home Loan application you will need to provide the following documents required for processing Home Loan.

  1. Identification Documentation
    • Photograph and copy of citizenship of the applicant/sponsor/guarantor.
    • Copy of Individual PAN certificate (where applicable)
    • Copy of title deed of other property owned by borrower and his/her one house family members/ guarantors as declared in net-worth statement.
    • Map of the applicants’/sponsor’s/guarantor’s residence.
    • Net worth statements of applicant/guarantor/sponsor.


2. Income related documents

For salaried individuals

  • Salary certificate from the employed organization/company (not older than 3 months).
  • Bank Statement, as applicable.
  • Latest two salary slips (if any).


For self-employed professionals

  • Certificate of registered professional.
  • Detail of income source/ profession.
  • Proof of last 3 years of continuous practice (if any).
  • Bank Statement, as applicable.


For business person

  • Latest audited financial statement as per prevailing Company/Tax Act of Nepal.
  • Bank Statement, as applicable.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (in case of organization)
  • Valid Firm/Company registration certificate.
  • MOA/AOA, Share Lagat, partnership deed (as applicable)
  • Recent tax paid receipt.


For other sources

  • Latest lease payment receipt or agreements, title deed of property. Future rental income will not be considered.
  • Other rental income details. If the asset generating rental income is under loan from other financial institution, the Bank must take into consideration the residual income from such asset.
  • Pension slip, interest received statement etc.
  • Bank Statement, as applicable.
  • Other verifiable income.


Collateral related documents

  • Land ownership certificate
  • Blue print / trace map
  • Four wall boundary
  • Building construction permission certificate from competent authority, construction completion certificate (as applicable)
  • Collateral transfer deed (for recently purchased property)
  • latest revenue receipt of land or land or/and building offered as collateral


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