Get Home loan of up to Rs.6,000,000.00 at attractive rates starting at 9.63% p.a. with flexible tenures of up to 25 years.

Siddhartha Bank Loan Details

+ up to 3.5%
Up to 0.75% One time fee
Up to Rs.6,000,000.00
Up to 25 Years

Siddhartha Bank Loan Details

+ up to 3.5%
Up to 0.75% One time fee
Up to Rs.6,000,000.00
Up to 25 Years

Siddhartha Bank Home Loan is to purchase land, buy or build house. Siddhartha Bank team of experts will guide you through the process, from property valuation to structuring your eligibility and loan amount, appropriately.


• To purchase building for residential or commercial use

• To renovate/extend existing building

• To construct a building on existing land

• To purchase apartment, residential building from housing colony

• Draw down as per prevailing rules and directives

• Highly competitive interest rate and service charge

• Repayment on EMI or EQI Installment with appropriate moratorium period

Personal Identification

  • 2 copies of photographs
  • Citizenship and/or Passport
  • Relationship Certificate (if applicable)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Bank (deposit & loan) account statement of at least 6 months
  • Firm/Company Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  • PAN/VAT Certificate (if applicable)
  • Article of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA) (if applicable)
  • Partnership Deed (if applicable)
  • PAN Certificate of the individual (for loan amount above NPR 5 million)
  • Location Map (Residence & Office)



  • Lalpurja/Land Ownership Certificate
  • Rajinama or Bakaspatra or Ansha-banda
  • Receipt from Malpot Office
  • Tax clearance certificate of building
  • Blueprint and trace map
  • Char Killa Pramanit
  • Approved house map
  • Nirman Sampanna Patra/Abhilekhikaran
  • Ghar Kayam in Lalpurja in case of existence of house


Income Source

  • Salary Certificate
  • Rental Agreement (if applicable) along with tenant’s identification
  • Audited financials of last 2 fiscal years (for business income)
  • Pension Certificate (Patta)
  • Copy of renewed/valid blue book of vehicle along with route permit (for transport business income)
  • Salary Certificate, work permit, valid passport with visa, pay slip and bank account statement (for foreign employment income)
  • Latest tax paid receipt or tax clearance certificate for all income (wherever applicable)

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