01 Jun, 2022

How to open an Online bank account in Nepal?

How to open an online bank account in Nepal?Are you wondering, “How to open an online bank account in Nepal ?”. Well, it is now possible, as many of the financial institutions in Nepal are providing this feature. We can now open accounts online from any part of the world.The process of opening a bank account through digital platforms and removing the hurdle of visiting physically a bank to open an online account and its process. In this digital world, the finance world is transforming digitally. Many financial institutions in Nepal are providing this facility.The advantages of opening an online

bank account are:Account Opening from any part of the worldCan apply for the fixed deposit at a higher interest rate. (10-13%)Common Features of online account openingMinimum balance- Nil(Zero)Free for the first year- Debit card, Mobile banking, Internet bankingFree for the first year- Demat and meroshare chargeMore info on features of accounts - SaralBankingSewaOnline account opening processTo open an online bank account, you need to visit the specific bank’s website and apply for the account opening process. The online account opening forms include your personal details, contact information, address, annual income and other details as requested by different banks. To open an online account, you can follow the steps given below:Step 1: First, search and open the related bank’s website.Step 2: Choose the best fit product. (Eg. Remittance Savings Account, Normal Savings Account, etc.)Step 3: Click on the online account opening form or on the “Apply Online” button.Step 4: Fill in all the required information.Step 5: Upload required documents like citizenship certificate, passport size photo, and other related identifications (as per the bank requirements). Step 6: Review the terms and conditions.(Note: Online account opening process can vary from bank to bank.)How much money is required to open a bank account in Nepal?Some banks offer account opening at zero initial cost, and some charge up to Rs. 1000 or higher.List of banks to open online bank account with zero minimum balance are:(Click the below given links to apply )Nabil Bank Account Opening LinkGlobal IME Bank Account Opening LinkLaxmi Bank Account Opening LinkCitizen Bank Account Opening Link(Note: These are just a few examples, there are many more out there.)The process of researching individual banks, along with their interest rates, features, eligibility criteria, and others can be time-consuming and difficult for many. Here, saralbankingsewa can be helpful as it includes information on all the commercial and national level development banks, including their deposit and loan products for you to compare and select the best bank at your convenience.To get updated offers from different banks in Nepal, you can subscribe to our daily/monthly newsletter. Click hereFor Further Info Like Savings and Deposit account Comparison you can get us with:Website link - Saral Banking SewaWhatsapp/Viber - 9851361107